All in One Construction Management Software

The bridge between

remote construction teams.

Keep track of your construction project from anywhere. Monitor project budget and timelines seamlessly. One platform to COLLABORATE with ALL development project members from start to completion.

  • Collaborate Seamlessly
  • Drive growth and profits
  • Exceed expectations

One platform, built for you.

Are you an owner/investor/developer trying to monitor your commercial or infrastructure project?

With Jengaapp construction management platform, you finally have a platform that allows you collaborate better, work smarter and get great ROI for your investment.

Everything in one platform

Dont use different platforms to manage the same business. Track your construction project progress, costs, procurement and financials all in one platform. Jengaapp will integrate with your current systems removing confusion. No more data silos, have one common source of truth.

Run every construction site efficiently

Monitor all your key projects in different locations on one key dashboard. Have an overview of all your investments progress and costs in one place.

Manage finances simply in a seamless way

Keep track of project costs from start to finish. Track your current costs versus the quoted amount and maximize your profits. Get instant cost reports from anywhere right at your fingertips.

Simplify project planning from start to finish

Outline your project schedule and track key project milestones from start to finish. Don’t have multiple truth sources, use Jengaapp to get the real facts on the ground.

Built For

General Contractors

Align your team, Drive growth and profits , impress your clients. With JengaApp construction management software , you can finally work smarter and run your construction business-without it letting run you.

Built For


Stay on time and on budget with the Jenga App platform. Our cutting-edge construction management platform empowers Construction and Real-Estate development Owners & Developers to streamline their projects from start to finish.

Built For


Jenga App can help you keep track of all your construction investments. Ensuring budgets are kept in line and completed on time and on budget. Generate great ROI with your partners utilising our powerful collaborative and analytical tools.

Built For

General Contractors

Jenga App can help increase efficiency, and streamline operations. Reduce manual tasks and administrative burdens, while gaining real-time visibility into project status and progress. Improve collaboration and coordination across teams and trades, ultimately leading to higher quality work and reduced rework.

Built For

Architects & Construction Managers & Engineers

Jenga App can help streamline design and collaboration processes, increase efficiency, and improve project outcomes. Work together more seamlessly and efficiently, improving communication and coordination across disciplines. With Jenga App, you can leverage data and analytics to help deliver better outcomes for clients and end-users.




Architects & Construction Managers & Engineers

General Contractors



Home Owners

Get updated without any hassle

Clients crave information about the status of their build – JengaApp gives it to them. Instead of constant emails or texts, they can see what’s happening without any extra effort from your team.

No more delays, and cost errors

When details slip through the cracks, it’s inevitable: mistakes happen. JengaApp keeps track of all key activities and changes. Have an extra eye for success!

Localized for your needs

JengaApp is built for Africa with Africa in mind. Adapted to the unique needs on the ground while maintaining global standards of execution. We built with you in mind!

Generate Great ROI

Don't be stuck in the past using paper and pen, struggling to keep up with a massive amount of ever-changing aspects. Be the developer who completes their projects on time and on budget generating great return on investment for your financier and clients.


What our clients say about us

JengaApp, a comprehensive construction management software, has been instrumental in transforming the operations of various stakeholders within the construction industry.


Quantity Surveyor.

“Working with JengaApp was amazing”

JengaApp has greatly helped me generate take off estimates and keep track of budget overruns. I am also able to keep all my stakeholders informed.



“The services is awesome”

JengaApp allowed me to manage my construction projects with ease ensuring that projects aligned well with client expectations and were completed on time and on budget.


Construction Manager

“I'm very happy to work with JengaApp"

I am able to receive timely updates across multiple sites and share vital reports with all stakeholders on important milestones. A true life saver.


A construction management platform is software application that assists you as a builder/contractor better manage and track your construction project progress and costs from anywhere.

The Jengaapp provides all round support for all our clients with onboarding support & setup included to ensure your success.

Jengaapp platform is a Saas platform(Software as a service) and bills using a subscription model that is structured monthly/yearly.